Energy Resource Parks

Industrialization has increased the demand for sustainable solutions to business, environmental and social challenges. An Energy Resource Park (ERP) answers such demand through careful and coordinated exploitation of geothermal resources; maximizing utilization of the resource through energy production and cascaded recovery of heat for industrial applications.

The concept inspires industrial symbiosis, where previously independent industries exchange heat and waste bi-products, in-turn lowering operating costs and raising each participant’s “bottom line”. The ERP fundamental design includes a high temperature geothermal resource that will be  exploited for both is thermal and electric power generation. Waste heat, gases and minerals produced by the power plant are recognized as “Waste to Value” (W2V) streams, and become utilized as inputs to Energy Resource Park “actors”, such as industrial corporations,
municipalities, educational institutions, and local residents. The ERP will execute Creating Shared Value (CSV) policies and practices through defined ERP value streams, where independent actors collaborate to achieve shared economic and environmental goals. The ERP mission is driven by core values that aspire to achieve secure, diverse and sustainable economies through development of collaborative communities aiming to achieve zero-waste.

Energy Resource parks

Benefits of using resource parks

  • Cascading usage

    By aligning different businesses around a geothermal power plant it becomes possible to utilize multiple values steams from the power plant. Also each business can a "waste" or as it is defined a values steam other than traditionally come from the geothermal resource. This new values steam can potentially be utilized by a third part industry. Values steam in a Energy Resource Parks can be naturally occurring such as steam, water (hot and cold), sea water, geothermal water, electricity, CO2, SO2 and multiple minerals such as silica etc.  In some cases value steam can be created or process/refined e.q.  Lithium, hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and number agile or biotechnology based forms. 

  • Social Acceptance

  • High value jobs

  • Raised level of education

  • Food Security

  • Improved sustainability of region

Frequently asked questions

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