Renewable Energy

Active all over the world

The members of the renewable energy cluster are active all over the globe. Icelandic companies have taken part in building the largest district heating systems in the world and constructed hydro-power plants in remote and difficult terrain. Iceland is also a leader in direct use of geothermal energy as it has been put forth by the Icelandic Professor Baldur Líndal in the Lindal Diagram.

Some statistics on sectors

Installed capacity (MWe)

Total electricity generation 20.000.000 MWh

Thermal Energy (TJ)

Total thermal energy 35.482 TJ

Thermal Energy Usage

Based on 35.482 TJ

Primary energy consumption

Based on 262.5 PJ

About the Grid

Landsnet’s transmission system – ‘the grid’ – carries electricity from generation companies to utilities and power-intensive industries.

The grid includes more than 3,000km of transmission lines and about 70 substations and transformer stations.

Mainly overhead lines

The vast majority of our transmission lines are overhead lines, with underground lines in the minority. The largest part of the grid’s transmission infrastructure operates at a voltage between 30 and 220 kV



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