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Energy independence

By the mid-20th century, Iceland was one of the poorest countries in Europe. Without any resources of its own, it had no choice but to import fossil fuels for heating houses. The future was gloomy for a nation with a sparse population living on an island totally dependent on fossil fuels. It took decades, but Iceland finally got rid of the burden, becoming a pioneer in the energy field by developing a self-supply matrix of renewable sources. Find experienced partners or plan visits to see how Icelandic companies can help you move towards a cleaner future.

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Your single point of contact into the Icelandic energy sector. Iceland has been leading in energy transition from fossil fuels for more than 100 years. Today 100% of electricity and thermal energy are provided by hydro, geothermal and wind energy. Utilizing local, renewable energy resources has been the key for fast growth and sustainable development. 

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Country driven by 100% renewable energy

Today 100% of electricity (2.7GWe) and almost all thermal energy (35 PJ) are generated by domestic renewable energy resources. Iceland portfolio of sustainable energy power plants is unique in the world.

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